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Kelet-Trans 2000 Ltd. Is one of the biggest logistics company operating in the ”Northern Alföld” region. As the operation started next to the Ukrainian boarder, the core activity of the firm is relating to the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries’ products servicing procedure on the field of transshipment, loading, storage, cargo units creating and containerization.


Kelet-Trans 2000 Kft. [100%]

Carpat Cargo Kft. [100%]

Keywest-Trading Kft. [100%]

Agrochimtranspack Kft. [21%]

In order to raise competitive advantage, the company improve its partner lists with new orders, employ huger number of employees, creating more and more transfer sites in several part of Hungary. More than 100 employees are occupied by the blue-collar workers up to the white collars one.
Every finished tasks is characterized by a high-toned, complex proficiencs. The basic activity of the company is completed with inland and overseas railway respective overland transport, customs house activity, railway charge takeover, storage, packaging, timber industrial manufacturing and sale of timber industrial goods.
More than 30 modern elevator and mechanical loader are at service in moving goods by 1,5 to 6 tonns capacity. Sites are at our partner’s command with more than 40.000m2 closed and 150.000m2 open-air storage, broad and narrow-gauge line of rails and with relay platforms.



Company story








Perfonmances and goals


There are self-owned railway and truck fleet for transportation. Our Employees are Speaking English, German and Russian Languages on Business level in Order to serve partners requirements. The management’s profession of faith is to serve its partners inland or rather overseas by the help of modern technological devices in a high-toned way. Our company is commited to protecting environment. By right of this mind we acquired the certificate ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. In the interest of continual development, we try for strengthen our posizion by means of taking advantage of competitions, purchasing new implements.

Quality management

Kelet-Trans 2000 Ltd’s operational based activity is managed by SGS Hungária Ltd.



ISO 9001:2008 és ISO 14001:2004



since 2010

We provide Real Time Data Access to our clients.

Company in numbers

6 logistics centers

More than 130 employees

150.000 m2 opened warehouse

40.000 m2 covered warehouse