Kelet-Trans 2000 Ltd. was established by two entrepreneurs who are still the owners of the company. The company is Záhony-based which city is situated on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. More than 130 employees are occupied by the blue collar workers up to the white collar ones. More than 30 modern elevator and mechanical loaders are at service in moving goods by, 5 to 6 tons at 5 points of the country (Záhony, Tiszabezdéd, Tuzsér, Kisvárda, Budapest) in 8 plants. Sites are at our partner’s command with more than 40.000 m2 closed and 150.000 m2 opened storages broad and narrow-gauge railways and with relay platforms. Complex, high-toned serving proficiency marks us.


The main action of the company is completed with inland and overseas railway respectively overland transit, customs-house activity, railways charge takeover, storage, packaging, timber industrialization and sale of timber industrial goods. The bulk of transport is transacted by railway but our own truck fleet is also attended to our partners. Our special services are handling bulk cargos, getting up containers. Our staff is at yours service in Russian-German-English-Italian-Romanian languages. Our partners can reach their own data by our ERP system in real time. The management’s profession of faith is to serve its partners inland or rather overseas by the help of modern technological devices in a high-toned way, and to create workplaces to employees hereabout. Our company is committed to protecting environment. By right of this mind we acquired the certificate ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. In the interest of continual development we try for strengthen our position by means of taking advantage of competitions, purchasing new implements. Main activities relating to Kelet-Trans 2000 Ltd. are Záhony based logistic services, transportation, warehousing, timber industrial transportation, timber industrial manufacturing. Our company is continual broadening its activities and customers. Main tasks are dealing with import transportation and services from FÁK countries to Hungary. Complex, high-toned serving proficiency marks us. The company wider its service list with Customs duties, rail assumption of costs, warehousing, packaging, furthermore with a sale of timber industrial transportation and timber industrial manufacturing. Most of the orders are transported on railway, however there are 33 owned trucks which are able to fulfill orders on road transportation as well. Special activity of the company’s portfolio is the containerization of bulk cargo.