Perfomances and visions



Kelet-Trans 2000 Ltd. is broadening its revenue and capacity from 1998. The company started its operations with couple of thousand tons annually, while this number reach more than three hundred thousand tons for today. 50% of incoming goods relates to different kind of fertilizers. Most common goods are coming from FÁK countries, timber, alloying, cement, corrugated sheet, coal products. Our customers are the biggest fertilizer importers and other products dealers in Hungary.




Kelet-Trans 2000 Ltd’s long-run prospect is to broaden its logistics service relating to Záhony’s region. We are interested in every type of developments touch the company’s activity horizontally or vertically. Acquiring ownership in Agrochimtranspack Ltd. serve our above mentioned targets. We think that our company would like to spread its role-playing position in a field of economically use of plant, modern logistics point of view.